Event Information:

  • Tue

    Programming & Exploring: Creating the Perfect Partnership

    9:00 amEuroSTAR 2017, Copenhagen

    The concept of ‘Automation in Testing’ is receiving publicity and triggering discussion. But what does it mean for those who already do a lot automated checking and for those who carry out a lot of exploratory testing? And how can ‘Automation in Testing’ help both?

    In ‘Programming & Exploring’, testers with different backgrounds, skills and experiences will work together through a series of practical exercises to learn how ‘Automation in Testing’ will benefit a team. Through encouraging exploration and automation, testers will pair up and collaborate on solving problems. Drawing on each other’s skills, we will discover ways to use automation to help support us in our testing, rather than attempting the impossible task of replacing testing with automation.

    If your focus is in exploratory testing and you are looking to learn more about where automation can help you,
    or if your focus is in automation and you are interested in adding value beyond building regression checking frameworks, then come along and see how ‘Programming & Exploring’ can help you.

    If you would like to know more about attending this workshop then head to the EuroSTAR 2017 website