Event Information:

  • Fri

    The automated acceptance testing paradox

    9:00 amQA Fest 2017, Kiev, Ukraine

    'The automated acceptance testing paradox' draws on my experiences to help answer these questions by:

    * Investigating the role of 'Acceptance testing', what are they? and who deems them as 'Acceptable'?
    * The misconceptions around the benefits of Automated acceptance testing, ATDD and TDD.
    * The paradox of how the tools used in theses approach cannot completely determine a feature 'acceptable'.
    * Present the real benefits of TDD and ATDD and how they can sit alongside your test strategy in harmony to help create a more robust testing strategy.

    So if you are looking to get your automation out of the rut it is in or avoid it completely, looking to create a robust test automation strategy or find out where and why there is value in Automated acceptance tests and other automation in testing activities, then come learn about 'The automated acceptance testing paradox'.

    Tickets to the event are available here.