Event Information:

  • Thu

    What about me? Test strategies for agile teams

    6:00 pm

    ‘Agile doesn’t understand testing’ - Dan North - BDD is not Testing @ BDDx 2017

    Working as a tester over the past decade I’ve seen a giant shift in how teams work. Collaboration, outside in development and continuous delivery. Teams influenced by agile are growing by leaps and bounds, but what about me? How do I integrate into one of these teams? How can I enable my team to be successful in a way that is personally rewarding? What’s my strategy?

    In “What about me?” I will discuss the missed opportunities that can contribute to a team’s success when testing is misunderstood (including testers). I will share the value of testing to support my team as well as a wide range of testing activities I have in my ‘testing tool belt’ to help teams create a more integrated test strategy that supports everyone.

    By the end of the session, attendees will be able to:
    * Discuss the issues teams face integrating Testers into agile contexts
    * Describe the value and purpose of testing in a team
    * Judge the value of current testing activities commonly used in agile teams
    * Break down their team’s current working process to identify opportunities for testing
    * Implement new testing practices to support their team’s current working approach

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