Event Information:

  • Thu

    Exploratory testing 101 / Communication and Reporting 101

    9:00 amTestBash Brighton, The Clarendon Centre, Brighton

    Exploratory testing 101

    Do you find yourself frustrated by the lack of challenge in your testing role, managing mountains of test cases, or increasingly aware of the bugs that slip through your net? Adopting Exploratory testing can help relieve these frustrations, but how do you go about performing ET in a way that is effective for both you and your team?

    Join Dan and Mark for an interactive introduction to Exploratory testing where you will engage in discussions and exercises to learn how to:

    • Describe what Exploratory testing is and it’s value in software testing
    • Question a product or an idea to identify risks
    • Construct test charters based on risks
    • Execute an exploratory testing session
    • Conclude your exploratory testing with a debrief

    By the end of the session you will be able to conduct exploratory testing in a way that is:

    • Structured and well reported to support your team and stakeholders
    • Challenging and engaging for you whilst enabling you to test effectively and with speed

    Communication and Reporting 101

    As testers, it’s our job to not only learn about our products and projects but share that information with others to allow them to make informed decisions. However, communication and reporting techniques are skills that testers often forget to practise and improve. Sometimes a tester needs to ask themselves what’s the best way to communicate with a team, what style of note taking works best for them and how do they report information clearly in a timely manner.

    Dan and Mark’s interactive session offers exercises, examples and discussion points on how to:

    • Describe different forms of communication and why communication is important
    • Discuss the challenges surrounding communication and how to overcome them
    • Apply communication techniques to support your testing
    • Contrast different note taking styles and determine the right one for you
    • Explain your testing activities and what you have learnt during testing

    By the end of the session you will be able to communicate successfully and record/report your testing in a way that is clear, concise and effective for others to act upon.

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