The deadly sins of BDD scenarios - Created by Mark Winteringham / @2bittester © 2017

The deadly sins of

BDD scenarios

Mark Winteringham



Sin 1

scenario intro 1


Using scenarios as test cases

test case example
test case example 2
test case example 2

test case example 2

How to atone?

  • Stop using scenarios as test scripts
  • Start getting the team involved in developing scenarios
  • Be wary of tools

Sin 2

scenario intro 2


Documenting acceptance criteria as scenarios

Examples with no a/c
Blah blah blah blah

'We need to create a new scenario for this requirement'

Scope creep!

How to atone?

Example mapping

Example mapping

Sin 3

scenario intro 3


Automated scenarios as acceptance tests


Awesome automation


imperative scenario


declarative scenario

"You can't specify love"

Wife automation

muscles in mirror

Illusions of coverage

Fart model

Regression Testing, the F.A.R.T Model -

Regression checking antipatterns

How to atone?

  • Decouple your automation strategy from your scenarios
  • Identify risks first, tools second
  • Put the human back in the centre of your automation

Let's recap

We help deliver what the business wants as a team by using scenarios to enable discussion and collaboration not by:

  • Using scenarios/examples as test scripts
  • Using scenarios as A/Cs
  • Basing your automation on scenarios alone

Thank you