What's so great about WebDriver?

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Automation: Time to change our models

Iain McCowatt

Mental models

'Look at the world through a different pair of lenses every time you have a problem'


'Automator Jim' knows WebDriver

Jim wants to automate checking a service validates a range of payloads

Jim builds a script in WebDriver via the UI the service consumes

It results in automation that's slow and brittle

Jim continues to tinker with the script

It's too hard!

'We shape our tools and then our tools shape us'

Hammer square into circle

What if Jim knew about a different tool or approach?

'Be promiscuous'

Learn more models, learn more tools

What if Jim isn't even aware that these tools exist or that he could benefit in learning them in the first place

What if we, the testing community, have limited models about automation and are consequently feeding those same limited models back to testers like Jim?

Automation workshops/talks in conferences

Chart of conferences

5 popular conferences 2012 - 2015 Talks and workshops explicitly talk about an automation tool

Automation tools in Job specs

Chart of job spec requirements
72 Jobs roles
Keywords: Developer in test, Automation test engineer
Source: cwjobs.co.uk – 21/7/15

What's so great about WebDriver?

It offers us only one model of approach

Automating through the UI!

Chart of job spec requirements
Not equal Chart of job spec requirements

Where are the workshops or requirements for skills in:



Configuration management

Test data population

Parsing data

API testing

Unit testing

So what could we do?


Look further afield to learn new tools
Tinker around with other tools
Think more about the problem you want to solve, is your current model enough?


Demand more diversity in automation training
When writing job roles focus more on the problems that need solving

Detox ourselves from WebDriver... maybe with a bit of Watir


Thank you