Wiremock chrome extension: Simple UI for programming stubs

I’m proud to announce a new project that I’ve just released, a chrome extension for Wiremock. The Wiremock chrome extension provides users with a simple GUI that allows you to create, view, edit and delete stubs that are stored within Wiremock.

If you’ve not come across Wiremock before, it’s a great tool and I’m a huge fan it! It offers all sorts of cool features, like how you can use Wiremock to create a programmable mock server to receive HTTP requests and respond back with programmed responses. I found it to be a great tool in an exploratory testing context and when testing one application I spent a lot of time priming Wiremock to test how it handled different responses, which required a lot of back and forth between the browser and Wiremock. So over the past 8 months I have been working on this extension to allow Testers and Developers to quickly program Wiremock and see the results without leaving the browser.

You can download the extension from here but if you want to know more, check out some of the features in more detail…

Creating stubs with Wiremock chrome extension

Wiremock chrome extension - Create stub

Wiremock chrome extension allows you to easily create and update stubs from a single form, which includes:

  • Full support for URL matching
  • Ability to create multiple query strings and request/response headers
  • Multiple request body matching support
  • Status code and response body setting

Download Wiremock chrome extension here

Mapping management with Wiremock chrome extension

Wiremock chrome extension - Mappings view

Wiremock chrome extension hooks into Wiremock’s mapping features to give users:

  • Ability to view all currently stored mappings within Wiremock
  • Edit and deletion support for each stub
  • Ability to view the JSON structure for each mapping

Download Wiremock chrome extension here

Connecting to your Wiremock with Wiremock chrome extension

Wiremock chrome extension - Settings

Wiremock chrome extension can be hooked into either locally or remotely deployed Wiremock instances, offering:

  • HTTP and HTTPS support
  • Storable settings for host and port

Download Wiremock chrome extension here