Restful-Booker: Your one stop API testing demo

You get an API testing demo, you get an API testing demo, everybody gets an API testing demo!

Restful-Booker: Your one stop API testing demo
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For those who've attended my API training course, they get the opportunity to test their newly discovered skills against a purpose built Web API called restful-booker. It comes jam packed with features and bugs to find and it has always been available via open source here. However, not everyone has a technical background or wants to mess around installing Node and setting up databases. That's why after a chat about all things API testing with Evil Tester, I updated restful-booker and have released it on Heroku as an API testing demo for everyone to use at any time. How great is that!

Sounds awesome, let me at it!

You can find the deployed API at and it's available for you to practise your API testing skills, try out tools such as Postman or run your brand new API checking framework against. So go check out the documentation at and have a play :)

Finally, if you find any issues that cause the server to die or have any suggestions to improve the API then please get in touch or fork the code and open a pull request.