My name is Mark Winteringham and I help teams and individuals with their software testing problems. I offer training in test automation and software testing techniques based on my years of experience working on award-winning projects across a wide variety of technology sectors.

All of my workshops are experiential in nature and offer attendees the opportunity to learn new tools and techniques to succeed in their day to day testing activities. Details of my workshops can be found below. Alternatively, you can check out the public events I am running that you can attend.

If you would like to know more about the training I offer or have any other questions contact me to discuss your training requirements.

Online Training

I have created a range of different training pathways and courses for you to take that will take your testing and quality skills to the next level.

Ministry of Testing - Automation Certificates

Based off the community curated Ministry of Testing Automation curriculum, I have created a foundation, intermediate and expert course in test automation that will take you from a beginner automator to an automation strategist. The courses come in C#, Java and JavaScript flavours, perfect for anyone looking to expand their automation skills.

Let's build an API checking framework

Let's build an API checking framework

Let's build an API checking framework takes you through the steps required to build your first Java API checking / automated testing framework. Each video shows you how to setup and create increasingly more sophisticated automated checks whilst explaining design patterns and good practise in building your code base.

Building blocks of the internet

Building blocks of the internet

Testers who are involved in testing web based products are likely to interact with them with browsers or HTTP tools, but do you really know what technologies make up your product and how they work together? In the building blocks of the internet, you will be introduced to each web based technology in this hands on series of exercies and discussions.

Introduction to HTTP

Building blocks of the internet

When testing APIs, building automated API checking frameworks or building tools on the web, a deep understanding of HTTP is required. Introduction to HTTP takes you through the rules of HTTP, ideas for test design and the risks that might affect both HTTP requests and responses. By the end, you will be an HTTP pro ready for your API journey