Software Testing Tools

I have created a series of software testing tools, templates and playgrounds that are available for you to use to help support your testing.

Automation in Testing Online

The site is a free to use Web application that contains modern web technology to create a playground for you to practise a range of software testing skills. From UI and API automation to Exploratory and Accessibility testing, Automation in Testing online, offers you a safe space to practise your skills.

Website - Source Code


The web service deployed to is a demo Web service that you can practise API testing and automation against. The web service contains multiple different method types and actions to practise with, all supported by in depth documentation for the API. It also comes with a series of bugs for you to find. Can you find the teapot?

Website - Source Code

Api Framework

The api-framework repository demonstrates a pattern to develop automated API checks using different languages and libraries to help you get started with automated API checking. There are runnable API checks that work against restful-booker app.

Source code

Wiremock Chrome Extension

Wiremock Chrome extension gives you an easy to use UI to manage stubs and mocks for a locally deployed instance of Wiremock. You are able to create, delete and edit stubs and view the details of current stubs that exist within Wiremock.

Chrome Web Store - Source Code

Selenium to Rest-Assured

Selenium to Rest-Assured is a small library that can be used as an adapter to convert Cookies from Selenium to Rest-Assured and back to use in your automated checking.

Source Code / Library